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Working with Legislation

Recent years have seen the number of NHBC claims related to roof mortar bonding issues rise dramatically. In many instances, this has been down to the incorrect mix being used, whilst in others it has simply been caused by poor workmanship. In addition, extreme weather events have been on the rise in the UK, putting buildings and their roofs under more strain than ever.

As a result, new guidelines have been published by the NHBC to ensure better quality and durability of pitched roof bonding works. Furthermore, changes to BS 5534 that were announced in August 2014 are also now coming into effect, resulting in some of most significant changes to pitched roof fixing requirement for over two decades.

The Impact of the Changes

In addition to re-emphasizing the correct mortar mix that must be used, the new Codes of Practice dictate that ridge and hip tiles bonded in mortar must also be mechanically fixed. However, although the new regulations are designed to improve the quality of roofs and reduce failures, the requirement to mechanically fix each lap tile regardless of whether or not it has been bonded in mortar has the potential to add time and cost to the typical roofing project. Furthermore, even if the tiles are secured with secondary fixings, there is still the risk that some of the mortar will fall out over time due to the effects of weathering and the movement of the building. On new homes, roofing contractors are faced with having to guarantee their work for 12 years and so the choice of material that they use has become even more important.

How Can Flexim Roof Putty Help?

With Flexim, there’s less hassle and less cost involved in complying with all relevant legislation, including BS 5534:2014. Not only is there no need to spend time preparing the correct mortar mix, the product is also much quicker and easier to install than traditional mortar. This can help reduce cost for both the contractor and client alike. What’s more, the product stands up to even the harshest of weather and remains perfectly flexible no matter how much movement there is in the building. The 12 year guarantee can therefore be supplied on new build homes with absolute confidence.


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